we make autonomous driving safe and affordable


robotTUNER accelerates autonomous driving

Our team of young and enthusiastic professionals is ready to support you. 

We are lead development partner of Cities and Governments and R&D partner of NVIDIA. We offer autonomous systems for training and assessment of human driving skills since 2001. Our products and services decrease accident involvement significantly.

robotTUNER offers affordable solutions based on shared source and of-the-shelf components.


3D Simulation

We use 3D simulation (virtual reality) for prototyping, testing, training and promotion.


We collect Use Cases in a virtual test battery. This will decrease lead time up to 90% and development cost more than 50%.


Artificial Intelligence

We have build our own AI. A procedural operating system based on driving tasks. 


Our AI trains and assesses human drivers autonomously since 2002. Passing rates increased with 32% and accident involvement decreased with 59% (N=2.400).


Big Data

We collected and analyzed data of more than 100.000 human drivers. An unique reference for assessment of autonomous driving skills.

We have behavior data of novice drivers, professional drivers, emergency drivers, young children, etc. We know their strengths and weaknesses.


Digital Driving License

We are developing a digital driving license for (semi) autonomous vehicles. A new ISO standard for type approval.

We scientifically proved our autonomous assessment system makes reliable risks analysis for accident invlovement many years of licensing.

Green Dino
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robotTUNER is a Green Dino spin-off. Green Dino (1992) is market leader in autonomous training and assessment of human drivers.



robotTUNER is official NVIDIA R&D partner for DRIVE PX 2.

NVIDIA is the pioneer of GPU-accelerated computing. NVIDIA is the specialists in products and platforms for the large, growing markets of gaming, professional visualization, data center, and automotive.

Mission statement

We accelerate autonomous driving

Autonomous driving will attribute to a sustainable world, road safety and accessibility of transport. robotTUNER mission is to accelerate autonomous driving and contribute to society. We deliver cost effective solutions and share our sources. We operate as partner for our clients and offer low risk innovations.

'The Netherlands Vehicle Authority, RDW, challanged robotTUNER to develop a digital driving license for autonomous vehicles. We think that their assessment methodology used for humans can also be applicable for autonomous vehicles. The big data robotTUNER collected of human driving behavior is unique and a key to type approval'.

Gerben Feddes, Senior advisor intelligent mobility and Program manager innovation at RDW

'robotTUNER is a young company without the limitation of settled companies in the automotive industry. Their ideas are disruptive and out of the box. This is the way to go, also for our insureance strategy for the future. Autonomous vehicles not only need a driving license but also an insurance'.

Evert-Jeen van der Meer, ‎Industry Director Aon Risk Solutions