Automotive Innovation Award 2019

by Jorrit Kuipers

CBR, RDW and robotTUNER are finalists in the category 'Challenging Concepts'. The election is on 11 February 2019.

Vehicle driving license
The CBR, RDW, robotTUNER and RWS work together on the vehicle driving license: the driving test for the self-driving car. The software exam does not explain here. First the vehicle is tested on various virtual traffic situations. This is followed by a test on a physical test track. Finally, a real driving test follows the public road, in which relatively simple traffic situations are initially tested. In case of a good result, the CBR issues a driving license; the vehicle is then admitted to traffic situations for which the exam has been taken.

After admission, data will check whether the vehicle is still behaving 'well' after, for example, software updates and whether it complies with the traffic rules. Once the method has been developed, the vehicles can be tested in more complex situations.

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