CES 2017

robotTUNER on Dutch startup pavilion


On our booth we challenge visitors to drive safer than our robot driver with High Level Controller in the ‘Beat our Robot Driver’ challenge. This challenge is a 3D driving simulation on a Samsung Gear VR connected with a computer in a wifi network. The challenge is powered by NVIDIA.

Vice President Floris van de Klashorst of Renaults Nissan Connected Vehicles and Mobility Services estimates a 45% additional revenue due to full automation of taxi driving in 2030. Acceleration of autonomous driving is therefore a major focus of OEM’s and other players in the automotive industry. However regulation and human robot interaction remains a big challenge.

Virtual testing will decrease lead time for OEM’s up to 90% and lower development costs more than 50%. robotTUNER developed a High Level Controller that improves the human robot driver interaction and started an ISO standardization of the assessment methodology with parties like the Netherlands Vehicle Authority, AON Risk Solutions and Ricardo. Virtual testing, smart object classification, high level control of behavior and standardization of assessment accelerates autonomous driving in controlled and uncontrolled, public, spaces. In the Netherlands a range of pilot projects are initiated by robotTUNER for personal transport, public transport, taxi services, transport of parcels, transport of garbage, and agriculture machinery. Most of these projects are in partnership with provinces and cities in the Netherlands. The first contract with OEM KARSAN (Turkey) is signed.

"The Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW) challenged robotTUNER to develop a digital driving license,” said Gerben Feddes, senior advisor intelligent mobility and program manager innovation at RDW. "The RDW gives type approval to vehicles. We know how to assess vehicles, but know we have to assess intelligent software that steers the vehicles. I believe that the methodology and human driving data of robotTUNER will help us to accelerate the type approval of autonomous vehicles. Therefore we support robotTUNER in the ISO standardization of their methodology."

CES 2017 in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Eureka Park Holland StartUp Pavilion Booth # 51632, from January 5-8, 2017. Further information on our products, pricing, and ultimate availability will be unveiled at CES in January 2017.

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