Driving license for autonomous vehicles

Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen announced the software driving license














Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, minister of Infrastructure and Water Management at the Intertraffic 2018 Amsterdam:

“I’m going to create legal framework for automated driving. Laying down requirements for reliability and safety that cars must meet before they can hit the road. A driving license for self-driving cars, if you like. Not for the driver – but for the car itself!”

The Netherlands Vehicle Authority RDW, the Netherlands Driver Exam Authority CBR and the Netherlands Road Authority RWS are challenged by the minister to develop a driving license for artificial intelligent drivers, a software driving license. RDW, CBR and RWS invited robotTUNER to support them with expertise related to automated assessment of driving behaviour and AI. 

RDW, CBR, RWS and robotTUNER initiated the ‘Software Driving License Project’. A collaboration of stakeholders who want to attribute to an international standard for licensing of intelligent vehicle operating systems.

We started 2 pilot projects in the Netherlands. In these projects we develop and test the digital driving license methodology.

2018 Ommelander Hospital Scheemda, NAVYA in cooperation with the Province of Groningen


2019 Rivium 2.0, 2getthere

Download the presentation of the software driving license here.


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