Small internship Vehicle Driving License team at CBR

by Jorrit Kuipers

The Netherlands Vehicle & Software Driving License team visited CBR. CBR is the Netherlands national driver exam authority. CBR presented the assessment methodology used for the examination of car drivers. The assessment is based on execution of driving procedures and impact of decisions on road safety. The project members observed (as passengers) an examination of a student to see how the assessment is done in practice. CBR and robotTUNER will transform the methodology so it can be used for the examination of autonomous vehicles. The first experimental examination of an AV is planned for springtime 2019.

From left to right: Tom Alkim (RWS), Serge van Dam (RWS), Jorrit Kuipers (robotTUNER), Gerben Feddes (RDW), Andrea Poelstra (robotTUNER), Edwin Nas (Ministry of I&M), Eef Jonker (CBR), Henri Vianen (CBR), Rene Camille Gaemers (CBR), René Claesen (CBR).

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