we tune autonomous machines


robotTUNER accelerates the future

We are an independent technical partner of Cities, Governments and Manufactures implementing autonomous machines. We build tools for assessment of auto-pilot software and humans since 2001. Our products and services decrease accident involvement significantly.

robotTUNER offers solutions for certification of robot human interaction based on shared source and of-the-shelf components.

Digital Twin

We use digital twins (virtual reality) for prototyping, testing, monitoring and steering vehicles

Our digital twins are in sync with the real world. Latency is minimised for maximal results.

Artificial Intelligence

We built our own Artificial Intelligence. An  operating system based on human legal driving procedures.

Our AI has trained and assessed human drivers autonomously since 2002. This AI decreased severe accident involvement of young drivers by 36.8%.

The UN ITU Focus Group AI4AD selected our Safety States Framework as a practical demonstrator for monitoring and assessing autonomous vehicles.

Big Data

We collected and analyzed data from more than 100.000 human drivers, a unique reference for assessing autonomous driving skills.

We have behaviour data of novice drivers, professional drivers, emergency drivers, young children, etc. We know their strengths and weaknesses. This data can also help to train and improve your auto-pilot software.

Open source

Our auto-pilot comes available as open-source, doing so we want to increase the capacity of public transport and make public transport accessible for everyone.

Green Dino
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robotTUNER is a Green Dino spin-off.

Green Dino (1992) is market leader in autonomous training and assessment of human drivers.



robotTUNER is official NVIDIA R&D partner.

NVIDIA is the pioneer of GPU-accelerated computing. NVIDIA is the specialists in products and platforms for the large, growing markets of gaming, professional visualization, data center, and automotive.



robotTUNER is strategic partner of hive.mobility

hive.mobility is the innovation center in the field of mobility in the Northern Netherlands. Here we work together on the development of smart and green solutions in the field of mobility for passenger and freight transport. Together we work on the mobility of the future. This includes hydrogen-powered bus transport, initiatives for autonomous transport with all modes of transport, cargo bikes and drones, the sustainable city logistics covenant and cooperation in logistics networks.

Mission statement

We accelerate the use of autonomous machines

Autonomous machines, like self-driving vehicles, will attribute to a sustainable world, public safety and accessibility of resources. robotTUNER accelerates the use of autonomous machines with certification. We deliver cost effective solutions and share our sources. We operate as an independent partner for our clients and offer low risk innovations.

'The Netherlands Vehicle Authority, RDW, challanged robotTUNER to develop a digital driving license for autonomous vehicles. We think that their assessment methodology used for humans can also be applicable for autonomous vehicles. The big data robotTUNER collected of human driving behavior is unique and a key to type approval'.

Gerben Feddes, Senior advisor intelligent mobility and Program manager innovation at RDW

'robotTUNER is a young company without the limitation of settled companies in the automotive industry. Their ideas are disruptive and out of the box. This is the way to go, also for our insureance strategy for the future. Autonomous vehicles not only need a driving license but also an insurance'.

Evert-Jeen van der Meer, ‎Industry Director Aon Risk Solutions