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robotTUNER is partner of this unique event. The first festival ever in the Netherlands specifically geared towards autonomous transportation.

The CBR, RDW and robotTUNER have reached the final of the Automotive Innovation Award 2019 with 'the vehicle driving license', better known as the driving test for the self-driving car.

The Netherlands Vehicle & Software Driving License team visited CBR. CBR is the Netherlands national driver exam authority. CBR presented the assessment methodology used for the examination of car drivers. 

Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen announced the software driving license at Intertraffic 2018:

“I’m going to create legal framework for automated driving. Laying down requirements for reliability and safety that cars must meet before they can hit the road. A driving license for self-driving cars, if you like. Not for the driver – but for the car itself!”


On our booth (09.120 ITSUP pavilion) we show remote control of autonomous vehicles and simulations of the safety systems of the EZ10 of EasyMile and the Autonom Shuttle of Navya. Theses simulations where made for the province of Groningen.

We present the digital driving license project. With the Netherlands Vehicle Authority and the Netherlands Driver Exam Authority we establish a new ISO standard for certification of autonomous vehicles.

In 2018 the province expands the pilots with self driving vehicles. New vehicles, like the Autonom Shuttle of Navya, will be tested by robotTUNER at the site of the Ommelander hospital.

The province of Groningen contracted robotTUNER for conducting technical and functional tests of self driving vehicles.

robotTUNER demonstrates High Level Controller for safer driving of Autonomous Vehicles with ‘Beat our Robot Driver’ challenge at CES 2017


robotTUNER demonstrated 'high level control' on the French-Dutch Seminar, 'Car of the Future: our way to 2030'.