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December the 5th, the official kick-off of AVLM-project CAVIDOR took place at the RET bus and tram depot at the Kleiweg in Rotterdam.

robotTUNER, province of Groningen and Metropole Region The Haque Rotterdam started with COLUMBUSS: the automation of public transport in the Netherlands.

robotTUNER made a Renault Twizy drive-by-wire: it drove 72 km/h without an operator

@north (provinces Groningen, Friesland & Drenthe) tendered services for autonomous transport. robotTUNER is the winner of the tender.

In 2019 and 2020 the provinces expand the pilots with self driving vehicles. Vehicles, like the Autonom Shuttle of Navya, will be tested by robotTUNER at sites such as Bourtange and Hoogeveen.

robotTUNER is partner of this unique event. The first festival ever in the Netherlands specifically geared towards autonomous transportation.

The CBR, RDW and robotTUNER have reached the final of the Automotive Innovation Award 2019 with 'the vehicle driving license', better known as the driving test for the self-driving car.

The Netherlands Vehicle & Software Driving License team visited CBR. CBR is the Netherlands national driver exam authority. CBR presented the assessment methodology used for the examination of car drivers. 

In 2018 the province expands the pilots with self driving vehicles. New vehicles, like the Autonom Shuttle of Navya, will be tested by robotTUNER at the site of the Ommelander hospital.

The province of Groningen contracted robotTUNER for conducting technical and functional tests of self driving vehicles.